‘Shabbos Hisvaadus’ Brings Chassidus to American Bochurim in Eretz Yisroel

Dozens of Maayan Menachem’s bachurim came together for the first Shabbos Hisvaadus at the picturesque Moshav Komemiyus. The Shabbos included speakers, shiruim from mashpiim farbrengens, and more.

Dozens of Maayan Menachem’s bachurim came together for the first Shabbos Hisvaadus. The picturesque Moshav Komemiyus, with its relaxing fields, was chosen as the perfect venue for the shabbos.

The program began Thursday night with a Yud Alef shvat farbrengen led by Reb Meir Levinger. Rabbi Levinger captivated the bachurim through the night, discussing the application of Achdus Hashem in daily life.

Friday afternoon Rabbi YY Kuperman sat with the bachurim for an open Q&A session moderated by Aspaklarya hotline’s famous Mordche Erlanger. The bachurim asked about Shidduchim, family life, and many other topics, with Rabbi Kuperman riveting the audience.

Things shifted into high gear with Shabbos approaching. After the regular erev shabbos rush, the bachurim settled down for a seder limud, with shiurim by Rabbi Klyne and Rabbi Heisler. Kabbolas Shabbos and Maariv followed. During and after the seudah, Rabbis Klyne, Kleinman, Erlanger, and Heizler farbrenged, expounding on the topic of Kriyas Yam Suf in one’s personal Avoida.

Followed by shiurim on Sichos delivered by Rabbis Klyne and Heisler, the group enjoyed a Vareme Dvenen. Followed by seudas shabbos with the mashpiim.

After another Seder Limud, the bochurim Davened mincha and sat with Rabbi Klyne for a fantastic Farbrengen, ending hours after Shabbos. At the night’s end, everyone boarded the buses in high spirits while singing and dancing and headed back to Yerushalayim.

Word is spreading about Maayan Menachem, an organization in Yerushalayim, affiliated with the “Mayonai Yisroel” Kehillah, providing a Chassidus platform for the Chutz Laaretz Oilem, Bachurim, and Yungerleit. 

Mayaan Menachem has 2 weekly learning programs, ongoing shiurim, Chassidishe Shabbosim, Farbrengens, Shabbos seudos, and a summer camp, with upcoming expansions.

To support Mayaan Menachem’s work click here.

You can listen to a few of the shiurim from Mayaan Menachem below:

התוועדות י’ שבט ר’ מאיר לעווינגער

שו”ת הרב קופרמן מעיין מנחם


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