Shabbos Chizuk in Panama Yeshiva Uplifts Entire Community

An uplifting weekend for the Panama community with special guests Rabbi Mendel Schapiro and Rabbi Shlomo Horowitz marked the beginning of a new Zman in for Kolel Torah Panama.

An uplifting weekend for the Panama community and talmidim hashluchim with the presence of special guests Rabbi Mendel Schapiro, mashpia at YOEC and Rabbi Shlomo Horowitz, maggid shiur at Oholei Torah, marked the beginning of a new Zman in for Kolel Torah Panama headed by Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Menachem Mendel Shuchat under the guidance of Head Shliach and Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi Ari Laine.

On Thursday 15 Shevat, the shluchim enjoyed a deep Gemara Shiur by Rabbi Horowitz, followed by a test on 60 Dapim (!) for the talmidim hashluchim that excelled in stage one of Mivtza Torah – Gantz Baba Basra: MM Minkowitz, MM Cohen & MM Kamman.

That evening the Kolel hosted a parenting evening for men and women of the community presented by Rabbi Schapiro, followed by a Q & A session. 

From Thursday night through Motzei Shabbos, the talmidim hashluchim and community enjoyed a non-stop spiritual retreat of Shiurim and Farbrengens by Rabbi Schapiro that in his unique way uplifted and empowered the crowd in Torah, Chassidus and Hiskashrus. 

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