Shabbos Afternoon Father-and-Son Program Begins This Week

A Shabbos afternoon learning program for fathers and sons, launched in memory of Shua Kaminker a”h, is starting again this week in Crown Heights and Remsen Village.

What better way it there to spread the light of Torah then to spend quality time with your son this coming Shabbos afternoon.

לא ניתנו שבתות…לישראל אלא כדי לעסוק בהם בתורה —

The Rebbe would always mention the importance of להקהיל קהלות בכל שבת.

“שבת שׁוּעַ” is a new innovative program in our  שכונה giving fathers the opportunity to partner with their sons and enjoy  the מתיקות of תורתנו הקדושה  together.  Now throughout the summer you can spend quality time in a סביבה  with a beautiful קול תורה .   Incentives and prizes galore with inspiring divrei chizuk top off this wonderful Shabbos experience. 

Shabbos Shua is named after Menachem Yeshoua Kaminker ע”ה.who נשמה was עולה למעלה on ל’ סיון the month of מתן תורה. Please join us at any one of the locations below. 

In the zchus of the לימוד התורה  of our תשב”ר  may we usher in the גאולה האמיתית והשלימה בקרוב ממש

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