Shabbos Achdus Held in Central Africa

The Chabad houses of Lagos Nigeria and Abuja, Nigeria organized a unique Shabbos Achdus for their communities in line with the Rebbe’s call that all Yidden unite before Shavuos.

Heeding the Rebbe’s call to prepare oneself and his community to receive the Torah on Shavuos, the Chabad of Abuja, Nigeria led by Rabbi Israel and Chaya Uzan, and Chabad of Lagos, led by shluchim Rabbi Mendy and Mazal Sternbach, took the Rebbe’s initiative to their communities.

During the Friday night meal, Rotem G. shared that her father called just before coming to Chabad, to wish her a good shabbos and asked where will she be making kiddush.

She responded that she’d be going to the “Shabbat Achdut by Chabad” with her family.

Her father was surprised by her response and exclaimed that “if she was in Israel she would have never known what a Shabbat Achdut is.”

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