SGP Composes Song “As a Shliach Fun Rebbin”

The Staff of SGP Chayolei Hamelech just released their color war theme song, titled “As a Shliach Fun Rebbin,” a heartfelt song about the job of a Yid to create a Dira B’tachtonim.

The Staff of SGP Chayolei Hamelech just released their color war theme song, recorded and titled “As a Shliach Fun Rebbin.”

The song was recorded as a draft for future recordings, and to play for the kids in Camp, using the Karaoke audio of the original track.

Written By: Mendy Zeitlin & Zalmy Chanowitz.
Vocals: Nachi Forster.
TTTO: Emes Malkeinu by Naftali Kempeh.

SGP group photo by Dovber Hechtman.



Verse 1

A soul so pure and holy,
It lingers up above,
It basks in hashem’s glory,
Like a graceful little dove.

The giluim that it merits,
Kedusha everywhere,
The shchina shining brightly,
All it wants is to stay there.

Suddenly it’s Schleped away,
From amongst the angels,
Against its will,
A mission to fulfill,

Bring the kedusha from above,
Even when its painful
In this world,
his presence to instill.


As A Shliach Fun Rebbin
The job’s crystal clear,
Make Hashem A dwelling place
Lematoh Down here.

Bring this world to that day
When we’ll all be free,
The world the way
It was always meant to be.

Ich Fur Duch Mit Aich
I am never alone,
Geiy Arois In Velt,
I am not on my own.

In every step that I take
every move that I make,
By every Yid
I will make his name known.

Verse 2

And when I go out in the world,
My surroundings don’t affect me,
It’s dark outside,
But nothing pulls me down.

Because I’m bringing others up,
Their Klippa can’t consume me,
אידי דטריד
.למפלט לא בלע


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      1. Beautiful! Can’t stop listening to this soul-tugging composition…an apt song for our children of Geulah

  1. this song is so inspiring!!!

    Please make more of them!

    I like the Yiddish and Hebrew words that was stuck in, it gives the song a extra boost

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