Seventh Graders Enjoy Hours on the Slopes Snowtubing as Reward

Upon completion of a challenging Yud Shvat hachana mivtza, the seventh graders from YTTL Montreal enjoyed a grand snowtubing trip.

The 7th Graders of YTTL Montreal enjoyed hours of fun on the slopes as a reward for their participation in a Yud Shvat hachana mivtza.

In the weeks leading up to Yud Shvat, the boys completed tasks on a daily duch, from saying brachos inside of a Siddur, to making a Cheshbon Hanefesh before going to sleep. They also spent time learning Chitas and Basi Legani, all in preparation for the special day.

This was organized as one of many Peulos of the ‘שביעי’ initiative, which was launched this year in YTTL to assist the 7th Graders in growing in their Yiddishkeit and Chassidishkeit during the pivotal year of Bar Mitzvah.

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