Seven Public Menorah Lightings Held in North Crown Heights

For the 7th year, The Lincoln Place Shul and Beis Hamedrash in partnership with close friends, put together a nightly Chanuka Lighting in North Crown Heights, attended by hundreds of residents.

Hundreds of children and parents were thrilled to celebrate nightly a Public Menorah Lighting in North Crown Heights.

Despite the challenges of the times, neighbors and supporters came forward to host one of the seven outdoor Chanuka celebrations.

For the 7th year, The Lincoln Place Shul and Beis Hamedrash in partnership with close friends, put together nightly Chanuka lighting in North Crown Heights.

Every night during the Tzivos Hashem rally preceding the lighting, donuts, raffles, and personal prizes were generously given out to participants.

Parents and children alike were glad to take part in those events, as one mother said to the organizers “The Menorah lightings have been amazing and really spreading lights and lighting many faces each night of Chanukah”

Throughout Chanukah, kids enjoyed Canvass Painting, arts and craft, and other fun activities. The snow blizzard didn’t change the schedule, on the contrary, it was a unique enjoyment for all, turning the event into an “Alaska Style Lighting” and continuing the program indoors.

The Lincoln Place Shul would like to thank all those who made these beautiful events possible:

– Leviim Art Galery By Moshe Frank and Eli Winer
– Chocolatte coffee shop by Levi Harel
– Rabbi Shneur Nejar S. John’s 
– Lincoln Place Shul by Rabbi Meyer Shushan
– Rabbi Sholom Ber Perlstein Sterling Pl 
– Rabbi Avraham Niyazov Troy Ave
– Yaakov Kamhaji Prospect Pl 

The Lincoln Place Shul and Beis Hamedrash is a vibrant shul located in North Crown Heights, led by Rabbi Meyer Shushan.
The Shul hosts all three Tefilos as well as Shiurim and activities for Men Women and Children.

For more information and to be informed of future activities, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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