Serial Crown Heights Shoplifter Arrested

Crown Heights Shomrim assisted the NYPD 71st Precinct in stopping a shoplifter after stealing multiple items from the Marketplace and other stores.

By reporter

A shoplifter was arrested on Monday after attempting to steal from the Marketplace on East New York Ave.

The perp walked into the Marketplace on Monday afternoon and began stuffing various items into his clothing.

Seeing his actions, the store manager called Crown Heights Shomrim who arrived in under one minute and kept the perp from leaving.

A few minutes later, officers from the NYPD 71st Precinct arrived and removed the stolen items from where the perp had stashed them, returning them to the store. They then arrested the shoplifter and brought him over to the station.

“We later discovered that he shoplifted from many other stores on Kingston Ave,” a Shomrim spokesperson told “We had everything on video so this was an easy arrest.

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