Seniors Gather for Chanuka Festival in 770

Photos: Oded Kaizerman/

A grand Chanuka Hakhel festival for seniors was held Tuesday at 770 Eastern Parkway featuring words of Torah by Rabbi Naftali Silberberg and musical entertainment by Chazan Zalman Baumgarten.

Photos: Oded Kaizerman/

Seniors of Crown Heights and the Greater Brooklyn area gathered at 770 Eastern Parkway on Tuesday afternoon, third candle of Chanuka, for a grand Chanukah Hakhel festival.

The event featured words of Torah by Rabbi Naftali Silberberg, musical entertainment by Chazan Zalman Baumgarten, singer Chony Zuker and the Ohr Menachem children’s choir.

The entire shul was closed off for the event, and only seniors were allowed to enter the shul at that time. The event was organized by Kollel Tiferes Zekainim Levi Yitzchok, led by Rabbi Menachem Gerlitzky.

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