Senior Chacham Visits Crown Heights, 770 and the Ohel

Chacham Nissim Ben-Shimon, Rosh Av Bet Din of Tel Aviv, visited the Rebbe’s Ohel on Tuesday and paid a visit to Crown Heights, where he met with members of the community and the Beis Din.

Photos: Dovber Hechtman, Oded Kaizerman

Chacham Nissim Ben-Shimon, Rosh Av Bet Din of Tel Aviv visited the Rebbe’s Ohel and Crown Heights in honor of Chai Elul and as preparation for Tishrei 5784.

Chacham Ben-Shimon is currently in New York for several days to give chizuk ahead of the new year. On Tuesday, he paid a visit to the Rebbe’s Ohel, where he davened and read a kvittel. On his Crown Heights visit, he davened in the Rebbe’s room at 770 Eastern Parkway and visited the Rebbe’s library next door.

Later in the day, he met with Harav Yosef Y. Braun of the Crown Heights Beis Din meeting with the Crown Heights Bes Din.

In the evening a reception was held at the Merkaz Sefarad located at 556 Crown Street where Chacham Ben-Shimon offered words of chizuk to the community and received Crown Heights residents for brief audiences.

Chacham Ben-Shimon is one of 5 children of Chacham Mantzur Ben-Shimon who was the head of Yeshiva Porat Yosef in Yerushalayim.

His elder sister was married to the late Chacham Sholom Cohen, who replaced HaRav Ovadia Yosef as the spiritual head of Shas.

His son Avrohom (one of his 17 children) is a Chabad askan in Atlit, Israel and his grandson Yossi is the Shliach to Isla Mucheress, Mexico.

His visit to Crown Heights was coordinated by Rabbi Eliezer (Lazer) Avtzon, Rav of the Merkaz Sefarad Chabad Shul and Sefardi community in Crown Heights.

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