Semicha Celebration is Community’s Last Hakhel Event

For the sixth consecutive year, a remarkable Semicha celebration was held at the Beis Midrash of Colel Ohel Yosef Moshe in Buenos Aires, Argentina last Thursday night.

For the sixth consecutive year a remarkable Semicha celebration was held at the Beis Midrash of Colel Ohel Yosef Moshe in Buenos Aires, Argentina last week.

It is a remarkable fact that the event took place Erev Rosh Hashana, despite the complexity that this entails, with the intention of holding it specifically in the year of Hakhel, thus being one of the last Hakhel’s of the community in Buenos Aires. It was evident that the activities carried out in a Hakhel year have a particular energy and successes that made this event unique.

Directed by Rabbi Mendy Raijer, this Semicha Program stands out in guiding students throughout the program in a personal way, teaching classes in Spanish and providing a pleasant and flexible climate to make students feel comfortable.

Among the Rabbonim were present the Rav Hamasmich and Moreh Horaah in Kehilas Chabad Argentina Rabbi Efraim Halperin, Reb Osher Farkash, Mashpia at Buenos Aires Yeshivah, the Menahel Ruchni of the Yeshivah, Reb Eli Raichik, the Menahel and director of the Colel Reb Sholom Boruch Lapidus, and Reb Mendel Gorowitz.

The Rabbonim highlighted the hard work of the musmachim, and their achievement in successfully attaining Semicha. They encouraged the bochurim to use the knowledge and wisdom gained in learning Semicha to empower them in all their future life achievements. A special thanks was extended to the project sponsor Reb Chaim Lapidus and his entire family.

The Smicha graduates are Hatmimim Menachem Mendel Lapidus, Ari Tacher, Natan Alfie, Natan Kirzsenbaum, Ari Weiss, Leivi Hendel and Eliahu Nacach.

A special recognition was given to Reb David Salem and Reb David Manobla, who being businessmen gave themself to learning (like any other young Bochur) and dedicated every morning for an entire year to learn and took the entire Smicha program exams with great success. An example to follow.

The Talmidim now intend to continue studying Hilchos Shabbos (Shulchon Oruch Harav) in depth throughout this year.

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