Sefer Torah Welcomed at 770 in Memory of Miriam Shmueli

A new Sefer Torah was dedicated to 770 by the Shmueli family in memory of their dear daughter and sister Miriam.

The Shmueli family donated a Sefer Torah to 770 in honor of their daughter and sister, Miriam Shmueli. Miriam was born a week before Pesach and just like her namesake Miriam Haneviya, felt her life’s calling was to help women by supporting them during childbirth.

Miriam is remembered by her friends as a beautiful soul, a confident young woman who saw when something needed to be done, and would would graciously do it. The women she supported as a doula, felt her calming energy surround them and were inspired by her connection to chassidus as she assisted in welcoming a new neshama to this world.

Miriam was in inspiration to all those davening in 770 around her. She initiated a program to help girls in 770 connect with the meaning of the davening, and her program had a ripple affect as other schools adopted it for their students.

She was a light to those around her as a friend shared “Her heart was wide, open and available. Miriam will be greatly missed and always remembered.”

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