Lubavitch in Numbers: The Yeshivos Attending ‘Hour With the Rebbe’

See the numbers: A record 54 yeshivos will be joining ‘An Hour With the Rebbe’ on Yud Shevat. Which yeshivos are they, and how many bochurim are in each one?

The Chabad-Lubavitch community is seeing exponential growth, as evidenced by the record number of 54 yeshivos joining the ‘Hour with the Rebbe’ program this Motzoei Shabbos of Yud Shevat.

The event, which will take place from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM this Motzoei Shabbos at 770 Eastern Parkway, consists of a unique presentation of Sichos of the Rebbe, Niggunim sung by the Rebbe and more, all specifically catered for the large crowd of Yeshiva Bochurim.

For a smooth and organized experience, the event map has been released, allocating specific areas for each Yeshiva and their students. With nearly 4,000 Bochurim attending, this arrangement ensures everyone can find their place quickly and easily.

To ensure maximum comfort and participation, special bleachers have been rented for the Bochurim, providing ample standing space and a clear view of the event, allowing all attendees to engage and experience the unmatched atmosphere.

An hour with the Rebbe began in 5773 with several hundred bochurim from six different Yeshivos. As Lubavitch around the world grew, so did the crowd at 770 grow from year to year. This year, close to 4,000 Bochurim are expected from 54 Yeshivos, a historical record.

As we prepare to enter the 74 years of the Rebbe’s leadership, ‘An Hour With the Rebbe’ is a true testament to “Every single year, [The Rebbe] becomes more alive, stronger and more active.”

To support ‘An Hour with the Rebbe’ and directly impact the next generation of the Rebbe’s army, please choose from our various giving options and receive unmatched perks like recognition in booklets, video, online articles and more or contribute with any other amount you are capable of giving. Every dollar is appreciated.

Click here to download the full seating map.

See Lubavitch in Numbers:

Montreal Zal 26
Toronto Mesivta 85
Yeshivas Lubavitch Manchester 9
Mechia Oholei Torah (OTEG) 140
Lubavitch Yeshiva Ketana London 30
Yeshivas Lubavitch Toronto Zal 85
Mesivta Ateres Menachem Montreal 31
Yeshiva Gedola Miami 40
Queens 85
HaMesivta 10
Miami Mesivta 75
Yeshivas Lubavitch Baltimore 65
Tomchei Temimim – Chovevei Torah 68
TTL Poconos 60
Yeshivas Bais Schneur 20
Yeshiva Gedola Lubavitch South Africa 23
Mechina L’Mesivta Crown Heights 10
Suffield Connecticut 47
Yeshiva Tiferes Bachurim 55
Chovevei Torah Mesivta 58
Pomona mesivta 44
Oholei Torah Zal Alef – Beis 63
Cincinnati 65
Westchester 140
Arizona Mesivta 62
Yoec mesivta Shiur gimmel 55
Torah Ohr 20
Morristown Zal 120
Yeshivas Beis Dovid Shlomo New Haven 87
Oholei torah mesivta 160
New Haven Zal 40 including shluchim
MCS Coral Springs 75
Yeshiva Gedola miami zal 35
ULY 8th Grade 50
Our Torah 150
Chayolei Beis Dovid 15
ULY 7th Grade 50
Mechina Arkansas 15
LA Zal 120
770 – 600
OT Zal Shiur Daled 270
Ohr Menachem 7th Grade 18
OT 7th Grade 150
Chicago Mesivta 150
American Tzfatim 30
Nyack Zal 60
YBDS New Haven Mesivtah 86
Mesivta Lubavitch of Monsey 62

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