Seder Nashim Introduces Mastery Course in Hilchos Shabbos

Following a successful first year, Lemaan Yilmedu is introducing a new advanced track for women in the Seder Nashim program. For the knowledge-driven woman who wants to delve into the underpinnings and reasons of the halochos, this course with Rabbi Yossi Barber is for you!

Since 2021, Lemaan Yilmedu has filled the need for high-quality, immersive Halacha instruction in English. Working with a team of Rabbonim, teachers, translators and graphic artists, they have produced the most comprehensive English-language Halacha courses to date.

Last year, Lemaan Yilmedu began a top-tier Women’s Division called Seder Nashim. With over 80 eager participants in the inaugural course, the program was a smashing success. 

Now, Lemaan Yilmedu is introducing an Advanced Mastery Course for women who want to go beyond the fundamentals in Halacha and dive deep into the sources, details, and reasonings behind the Halachos of Shabbos, Kashrus, and Taharah. This new track will run alongside an Essential Halacha L’Maaseh track that will focus on practical halachos in a shorter time span.  

The Advanced Mastery Track will begin with Hilchos Shabbos on June 2, 2024. The course will go in-depth on all the subjects related to Shabbos, starting with the 39 Melachos, through the laws of Muktze, carrying on Shabbos, Hadlokas NerosKiddushHavdalah, and more. The studies will take place from thorough workbooks written especially for this course, with beautiful and clear Illustrations and summaries. Learn to navigate the nuances and subtleties of the halochos from its source, and be empowered to confidently apply the halochos in practical situations.

Throughout the course, emphasis is placed on studying the original text, from the Shulchan Aruch of the Alter Rebbe. This is in order to not only be satisfied with the halacha in practice, but to understand the underpinnings and reasons for the way the halacha was ruled, and to experience the full richness of halocha, even without spending all day in Kollel.

The lessons will be given by the esteemed Rabbi Yossi Barber, a renowned Magid Shiur in Halacha and authority in the field. Rabbi Barber is celebrated for his remarkable ability to clarify intricate subjects in a clear and comprehensible manner. He possesses extensive experience in teaching these halachos and associated topics. His practical guidance, coupled with his deep knowledge of both Halacha and practical rulings, is invaluable in a wide range of situations, including the provision of solutions to complex shailos.

All you need is a commitment to learning and a thirst for knowledge to begin this next chapter of your educational journey. 

To register, click here.

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