Second Time in a Year Two Families Join for Third Shidduch

Just three months after two Lubavitch families married into each other for the third time, another pair of families did the same, when their third set of children became engaged to each other.

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Three months ago, reported how two Lubavitcher families made a shidduch for the third time. Now, it happened again. Mendy Amos from Kiryat Shmuel, Eretz Yisroel, got engaged to Chani Pizem from Acco, after two of their siblings had already married.

The Amos and Pizem families already married off Yonasan Amos to Dvorky Pizem, and Zalman Pizem to Zohar Amos, a brother and sister to a sister and brother. The most recent engagement, announced on Sunday, has a second brother married to a second sister, requiring them to live in different cities, as per the tzavaa of R’ Yehuda Hachossid.

Interestingly, a question about a third shidduch came up before the Rebbe in 5738 (1978). Apparently, the writer was not concerned about the first two shidduchim but thought that a third would be a problem.

When they asked the Rebbe about the shidduch, the Rebbe replied that since nowadays it is difficult enough to find a match with Yiras Shamayim, if someone is to find a worthy match in a family they already have two shidduchim with, they should go ahead with it, following the instruction of living in different cities.

The Rebbe also notes in a letter (Igros Kodesh vol. 3, p. 182) that his father R’ Levik and his uncle R’ Shmuel were married to two sisters and were advised by the Rebbe Rashab to live in different cities.

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