Screen Time? I Found the Perfect Solution

Let’s face it – we all agree that hours of screen time isn’t good for anyone. But Pesach break is a time when many feel they have to choose between sanity and screen time. A new solution sets out to make the best of that.

By: Chaya A.- A caring mother

Let’s face it – we all agree that hours of screen time isn’t good for anyone!

But Pesach break is one of the times that you have to choose between your sanity and screen time, and the choice is clear… :-/

I hate it every year! I feel so guilty; they are a total mess after staring at a screen for hours. They get bored of the old choices, and I get stressed out.


This year, I have found an amazing solution— the new MyMaor library

It’s just the best.

  • The videos are pure toichen and lessons (straight from the Rebbe; what can be better?!)
  • The clips are entertaining. (The new library lets you skip intros as you please)
  • The kids can search by category and by their favorite channel (Zing’n Niggun, Animated Stories, etc). 
  • Every video has a built-in question highlighting its main lesson. (This lets you easily create an incentive program where you give your kids a small prize for knowing the right answer motivating your children to listen and learn.)
  • The kids can search the site themselves. (It is completely YouTube free! 😉

All of this for a small monthly donation of $8! (No commitment; you can stop any time.)

Becoming a member is absolutely a no brainer for me. I am sure your children (and you ;)) will enjoy it too!

Get full access at:

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