School Isn’t Meant to be a Box

HaMesivta has cracked the code and has created a Yeshiva where bochurim of all types can learn, grow and thrive. Now, they need your help to make the magic happen for many more bochurim.

Let’s face it, school is a box that we force everyone to fit into.

There are some incredible boys in our community who are just not cut out for the rigid 7:30 AM – 9:00 PM schedule of a typical, mainstream yeshiva.

That’s where HaMesivta comes in.

HaMesivta is a community school that caters to bochurim ages 14 – 17 and aims to instill a love for Torah in every single one of its Talmidim.

The halls are filled with happy, well adjusted bochurim who are learning, growing and thriving.

The secret? HaMesivta’s unique blend of kodesh and chol, structure and independence, and the infusion of the core values of the Yeshiva into every single aspect.

Since its inception, HaMesivta has worked tirelessly to provide a well rounded, individualized experience to the hundreds of students who have passed through their doors. While their program includes all of the regular subjects of a typical Yeshiva: Nigleh, Chassidus, Farbrengens and a full time Mashpia, they also offer a full regents program including English, Math, History and Science as well as many extra curricular activities. 

At HaMesivta, every student is valued for who they are and for their unique personality. 

The Bochurim feel this love. 

The Bochurim appreciate this love.

And, that’s why they love coming to school every day.

Now, you can be a part of those who are making the magic happen!

HaMesivta is currently hosting a fundraiser to help them continue the important work that they do, and to give the opportunity to more bochurim who would thrive within the HaMesivta system. 

Today, consider partnering with HaMesivta and help them reach their goal of $50,000.

To take part visit:

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