School Exhibit Presents Yiddishkeit Through Lens of Chassidus

Students at Sacramento Jewish Academy created an impressive exhibit for their community, showcasing ideas in Yiddishkeit illuminated by Chassidus.

Students at Sacramento Jewish Academy in Granite Bay, CA, created an impressive museum portraying the light of Chassidus – by presenting general concepts in Yiddishkeit as illuminated by the teachings of Chassidus. 

The students were guided by their teachers and the project was coordinated by eighth grade rebbe Rabbi Yoel Eidelman. Presented topics included hashgacha pratis, ahavas Yisroel, connecting to Hashem through mitzvos, bringing kedusha into everything, and many others.

The exhibits were showcased for the parents and community members to visit and learn about these fundamentals in Chassidus in a most interesting manner. 

“These exhibits bring the ideas to life in such a creative way,” one community member remarked. “I’m so impressed by the education these children are receiving at SJA, I only wish I would have sent my children to such a school when they were growing up years ago.”

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