Save a Husband and Father

A Lubavitch woman begs the Anash community to help her husband and father of three who suffers from trauma and suicidal ideation.

An urgent campaign is underway to raise $100,000 to cover critical therapy at a trauma center for a member of anash who is suffering from trauma and suicidal ideation.

The campaign is endorsed by Harav Gedalya Oberlander of Monsey.

An open letter to the Anash community by a wife and mother:

I am reaching out to you with a heavy heart. It is so difficult for me to ask for help, but this is our only hope.

My husband and I have been married for over a decade BH and have three sweet children. Soon after we got married, I found out about horrific incidents of abuse (molestation & emotional abuse, etc…) that my husband experienced. Unfortunately, he never received the proper trauma treatment for any of them. He was able to more or less function as a father and husband. His method of coping was to disassociate from his feelings to numb the searing pain.

But then, approximately two years ago, my husband’s immense pain could no longer be kept beneath the surface. The repressed feelings exploded into a major depressive episode, anxiety disorder, and suicidal ideation. He could not work, sleep, or function. He had to be hospitalized for his own safety.

It soon became crystal clear that the so-called explosion was a direct result of complex PTSD that he went through as a young innocent child.

With the help of weekly therapy sessions and medication, he slowly but surely was able to return to a semblance of a routine and once again began connecting with his emotions.

Recently it became very clear that although the weekly therapy was very helpful, it was not enough. We reached out to a Rov who specializes in mental health. The Rov referred us to a therapist whose expertise is trauma. After carefully assessing my husband it was determined that he requires a MUCH HIGHER LEVEL OF CARE. For his specific case, it was crucial that he gets to a trauma center to heal ASAP even before Yomim Tovim!

Here is where YOU come into the picture. I need your help to SAVE my husband!

I turn to you, rachmanim bnei rachmanim, in the days when we need all the Zchuyos we can get… help us reach our goal of $100,000, thereby saving a life, a family and all our future generations! In this Zchus, may you and your loved ones have a Kesiva Vechasima Tova & a SWEET NEW YEAR and may you never know of such pain!!!

A pained – yet hopeful wife

Please save a family and donate generously by clicking here.

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