Satmar Rebbe Honored at Shliach’s Bris

While visiting Palm Springs, California, the Satmar Rebbe of Kiryas Yoel, Harav Aaron Teitelbaum, was honored with reciting the brachos at the bris of the grandson of shliach Rabbi Yonason Denebeim. He later marked Chof Daled Teves with a l’chaim tisch

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While vacationing in Palm Springs, California, the Satmar Rebbe of Kiryas Yoel, Harav Aaron Teitelbaum, was honored with reciting the brachos at the bris of the son of shliach Rabbi Arik Denebeim, grandson of shliach Rabbi Yonason Denebeim.

The city of Palm Springs is a popular vacation spot for frumme Yidden, with the warm weather drawing large crowds each winter, including rebbes and rabbonin, among them the Satmar Rebbe, who travels to Palm Springs every year.

During his visits, the Satmar Rebbe frequents the Chabad House led by the Denebeims, at times even joining a farbrengen held to mark a chassidishe yom tov.

During his visit this year, on Tuesday, 24 Teves, the younger Denebeim celebrated the bris of his son, and he honored the visiting rebbe with reciting the brachos. Joining the bris was a diverse crowd of local Yidden and shluchim from the area standing shoulder to shoulder with prominent Satmar chassidim and the Satmar Rebbe’s gabboim.

Following the bris, the Satmar Rebbe, a great-grandson of the Alter Rebbe, sat down for a l’chaim tisch in the Chabad House, marking his great grandfather’s yahrzeit which is observed today.

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