Sarah Dukes Celebrates Husband Yudi’s Homecoming With New Release

In anticipation of husband Yudi Dukes’ homecoming tomorrow, Sarah Dukes released a song she composed three years ago following her daughter’s miraculous recovery from another coronavirus.

Today, Sarah Dukes shared the joyous news that her husband, Rabbi Yudi Dukes, will finally return home tomorrow. In a post addressed to the hundreds of friends and fellow anash who have been following and supporting her journey, she wrote:

“To everyone who put aside a special bottle of L’chaim to make for Yudi’s homecoming, now’s the time to get it ready! Also, here’s a friendly reminder to everyone (including me) who took on a resolution to be fulfilled only once Yudi would come home ;-).

“We don’t have to wait to make a l’chaim…

“L’chaim! We praise G-d for allowing us to see such revealed miracles and celebrate together with such joy and gratitude!”

Last week, Dukes shared a song that she composed three years ago under strikingly similar circumstances.

“Three years ago, Shaina, our only daughter (who turned 2 at that time) caught coronavirus and RSV which both attacked her lungs, leaving her needing to be intubated. She was in the hospital for a couple of weeks in unstable condition. This wreaked havoc on our whole family for an enormous amount of time.

“With the help of G-d and your prayers(!) she pulled through and after a long, difficult recovery, she is now a beautiful, completely healthy, and happy girl.

“Soon after Shaina came home from the hospital, I was thinking about how much inner strength she had to be able to pull through. Her body was being attacked, but she fought back with every fiber of her being. She didn’t give up and persevered until she made it through. She was triumphant.

“Then I thought about everything Yudi and I went through. How terrifying and challenging it was. How we had to prioritize and juggle taking care of Shaina, the other 5 children, our relationship, and ourselves, and doing this all while being anxious, petrified, and completely sleep deprived. But we got through it together, and we were triumphant.

“Then I thought about everyone- how everyone is fighting a battle that most of us know nothing about. We all do the best we can with the tools we have. And even when we feel defeated, WE. ARE. TRIUMPHANT.

“Based on these reflections, I composed a piece, which for me represents resilience, inner strength, and courage.

“Producer, arranger, and musical director Mendy Hershkowitz heard about this project and graciously offered his time and talent to help create one of my most empowering and uplifting compositions yet. It took us 3 years to perfect, but this is exactly when G-d knew it needed to be finished- right in time for Yudi’s discharge from the hospital, which will please G-d take place sometime NEXT WEEK!!!!!!

“We worked so hard to get to this point. I look forward to celebrating Yudi’s homecoming together with you all, as well as all our individual victories and triumphs!!!”

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