San Francisco Supermarket Hosts Chabad’s Model Matzah Bakery

A major San Francisco supermarket has partnered with Chabad shliach Rabbi Nosson Potash to host a model matzah bakery event at their new kosher department which includes cholov yisrael milk and kosher deli items.

Andronicos, a large San Francisco supermarket that is part of the national Albertsons, has opened a full kosher department with hundreds of kosher products, including baked goods, frozen items, cholov yisroel milk, and kosher deli. To celebrate their opening, they welcomed shliach Rabbi Nosson Potash, of Chabad of Cole Valley, in hosting a model matzah bakery event for Jewish families.

Until recently, Andronico was a regular American supermarket, with a minimal kosher aisle. One consumer, Rabbi Mendel Pil, decided to reach out to the store’s parent company for a review of the area to see if they could get more kosher products at their branch. Albertson’s Market, which owns Andronico, did the market research and decided to add over 400 kosher products to Andronicos, as well as to some other stores under their umbrella.

With the new beautiful kosher sections around multiple areas of the supermarket- the deli counter, the frozen aisle, the refrigeration area, and the bakery, Rabbi Potash offered the managers to further cater to their Jewish population by hosting a model matzah bakery event for children.

The model matzah bakery attracted over thirty local Jewish children who came and learned about Pesach and made their own matzah with flour and water. The event was a beautiful success and a kiddush Hashem for all the passersby.

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