Russia’s Shochtim Prepare for Rosh Hashana

In preparation for Rosh Hoshana, Chief Rabbi of Russia Rabbi Berel Lazar paid a visit to Russia’s largest kosher slaughterhouse, where he inspected the knives and the entire shechita process and heard about new developments in the field of kosher meat.

Photos: Levi Nazarov

In advance of the upcoming High Holidays, kosher slaughterhouses and butcheries around the world are stepping up their work in order to meet the surging demand for kosher meat and poultry. 

Last week, Chief Rabbi of Russia Rabbi Berel Lazar paid an extended visit to Russia’s largest kosher slaughterhouse, located in Ramenskaya, just outside of Moscow. There he inspected the knives of the Shochtim, and closely inspected the entire process, watching the Rabbis, Shochtim, and Mashgichim at work. 

Rabbi Lazar was met by Russia’s Chief Shochet, Rabbi Yitzchak Kogan, and the Director of the Shochtim, Rabbi Yehuda Segev Friedman. 

Company Manager Mr. Chaim Nissan Bayer showed Rabbi Lazar the latest developments at the plant, which currently employs over 300 full time workers. This includes the new departments added for smoking and canning, which enables kosher meat and poultry to be safely shipped to the remotest corners of Russia.

After closely inspecting all the knives, Rabbi Lazar then checked each of the departments, ensuring that Russia’s Jews be supplied with the highest standard of kosher meat and chicken. 

Rabbi Lazar then presented the managers of the plant with a special edition of the Tanya, which was printed in the Kremlin during the past year. Rabbi Lazar personally inscribed each Tanya, and presented them to the managers with wishes for a shana tovah.

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