Russias Rabbis Call for Peace on Muslim Holiday

In honor of the Kurban Bairam holiday celebrated by Muslims in Russia, major ceremonies were held in which local Rabbis were invited to deliver blessings and speak about unity and peace.

In honor of the Kurban Bairam holiday celebrated by Muslims in the Muslim republics of Russia, major ceremonies were held in their various centers. The Rabbis of these cities, who maintain good relations with people of various religions throughout the year, were also invited, causing a great Kiddush Hashem.

The Jewish autonomy of Birzobidzhan, where several thousand religious Muslims reside, was no different. Last week the shliach Rabbi Efraim Kolpak was invited along with government representatives to bless the participants in honor of their holiday. 

Under the guidance of the Chief Rabbi of Russia, Rabbi Berel Lazar Shlita, the rabbis bring words of peace, brotherhood and mutual respect between the people of different nations, with an emphasis on finding what is common and unifies us as befits the descendants of Avraham our forefather. 

These connections with leaders of various religions assist us throughout the year, working for the benefit of many Jewish communities throughout the world. It is also reflected in the government’s support for the safety and integrity of the hundreds and thousands of Jews throughout Russia.

Pictured: Rabbi Kolpak speaking at the event in the city of Birobidzhan

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