Revolutionary Sefer Will Help You Learn to Read Megilla

Following the success of the Bar Mitzvah Torah Trainer, Rabbi Levi Lipinski has launched a brand-new edition focused around Megillas Esther, to be used by anyone learning to read Megilla.

By Yakir Havin 

Following the success of his Bar Mitzvah Torah Trainer, Rabbi Levi Lipinski, founder of the Mitzvah Club, is launching a brand-new edition focused around Megillas Esther, called the Purim Torah Trainer. The Purim Torah Trainer is a beautifully designed and innovative textbook aimed at those who wish to learn the Megillas Esther kriah

The fundamental innovation of the Purim Torah Trainer is Rabbi Lipinski’s patented method called the Layered Tikkun. The Layered Tikkun contrasts against the traditional side-by-side tikkun format by introducing a three-layered version of the Megillah which cleverly employs plastic transparency films. The top layer shows the Megillah with all trop (cantillations) and nekudos (vowels). Once the reader is comfortable, they move to the second layer which only shows cantillations. Finally, when the reader is ready, they progress to the base layer and read the text the way it is in the Megillah itself. 

“Using a traditional tikkun and moving from one column to the other can be a daunting task,” said Rabbi Lipinski. “I decided to split this up to give people more confidence as they progress from layer to layer. And there is a tzuras hadaf (replica of the Megillah page) at the back of the book for when readers are really comfortable in their reading.” 

But the features of the Purim Torah Trainer go beyond just the Megillah reading. It is a full fledged Purim companion, replete with the Amalek reading for Purim morning; halachos of reading the Megillah; a section distinguishing between similar words which would invalidate one’s reading; Chabad customs of Purim and leining; history and background of the Rebbe’s Mivtzah Megillah; and, of course, Rabbi Lipinski’s audio recordings of the Megillah and blessings which can be accessed via QR codes within the book. 

In contrast to the Bar Mitzvah Torah Trainer, which is custom-made and personalized for pre-bar mitzvah boys, the Purim Torah Trainer is a one-size-fits-all product, more tailored to those who are somewhat comfortable with leining the Torah and would like to extend their skills to Megillas Esther, and as such the entire product is written in Hebrew. (The actual Megillah section is of course in the standard Biblical text, which is usable for anyone who can read Hebrew.) 

The official Hebrew name for the Purim Torah Trainer is שכבתית תלת מהדורה קוראים תיקון ,which means a tikkun for reading, in a three-layered edition — referring to the Layered Tikkun technology. 

Rabbi Lipinski is happy to announce that he will be providing a $20 discount on the Purim Torah Trainer to all readers.

To find out more about the Purim Torah Trainer, and to place an order, click here and use the coupon code DIDANOTZACH35.

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