Revolutionary Curriculum Teaches Self-Refinement

A groundbreaking project providing a revolutionary framework for Bochurim’s personal growth has revealed its second subject, guiding a Bochurs’ self-refinement through each of the days of Sefira.

The second subject in the new revolutionary ‘Hadracha B’avoda’ project, has been released in time for Sefiras Haomer.

Developed by Igud Yeshivos Lubavitch in partnership with Merkos Suite 302, under the guidance of key Mashpi’im, this second subject guides a Bochurs’ self-refinement through each of the days of Sefiras Haomer.

With the understanding that no two Mashpi’im are the same, no two Bochurim are the same, and no two Yeshivos are the same; this project has been expertly developed to provide a Mashpia with all the guidance they seek, whilst providing the flexibility for each Mashpia to form it in their own unique image.

Similarly, the projects alternates between Shiurim in the Ma’amorim, general Farbrengens and one-on-one discussions with the Bochurim, and caters to Bochurim in both Mesivta and Yeshiva Gedola.

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