Restaurant Shlichus

When Reb Chaim and Reb Zusha Rivkin, wanted to sell their Tel Aviv restaurant, the Rebbe didn’t let them since their kashrus standards might not be kept up. Instead, the Rebbe encouraged them to use it for hafatza.

Two brothers from Kfar Chabad, Reb Chaim and Reb Zusha Rivkin, wanted to sell their kosher restaurant in Tel Aviv to another frum ownership. But the Rebbe wouldn’t let them, since they couldn’t assure that the kashrus standards would be kept up.

From then on, the restaurant at 4 Mazza Street received much warm attention by the Rebbe: extra dollars, a bottle mashke at a farbrengen, and regards via visitors.

Although the Rebbe wouldn’t allow them to change the name to “Ufaratzta Restaurant,” it certainly acted like one. Thousands of Tell Aviv children passed through its doors to receive a candy from Reb Zusha, learn how to make the appropriate bracha, and recite pesukim.

Once, when Reb Chaim told the Rebbe of Reb Zusha’s candy work, the Rebbe suggested broadening its influence, “Tell your brother to also distribute other kind of nash, so that the children learn to recite other brachas too.”

(Hiskashrus Issue 702)

From The Weekly Farbrengen by Merkaz Anash

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