Resources to Help Communities Prepare for Gimmul Tammuz

Or V’chom has compiled a site of resources to help you prepare for Gimmul Tammuz including lists of available speakers for Anash communities and Chabad houses, flyer templates, video presentations, and ready-to-go programs.

As the special day of Gimmel Tammuz – 30 years swiftly approaches, communities around the world are busy preparing events and programs honoring the Rebbe. 

While Gimmel Tammuz is annually a day upon which we rededicate ourselves and our communities to the Rebbe — and the Rebbe’s brachos are more impactful than ever — Shloshim Shana is an especially impactful one.

That is why this year, Vaad Or Vechom Hahiskashrus has launched a resource website to assist communities in organizing a local Gimmel Tammuz event. The site includes lists of available speakers for Anash communities and Chabad housesflyer templatesvideo presentationsready-to-go programs, and much more.

Also featured is a directory of all the events planned around the world to assist community leaders with ideas and motivation to arrange their local events and be sure that their community approaches the day of Gimmel Tammuz inspired and uplifted.

For further details and to explore the resources, please visit

For a plethora of resources to help you, your family, school, or community prepare for Gimmel Tammuz, visit

With the hope that Moshiach will be here long before the day of Gimmel Tammuz and we will be reunited with the Rebbe physically teikef umiyad mammash.

From the Sicha of Shabbos Parshas Yisro 5740:

“We find ourselves thirty years after the histalkus of my father-in-law, the Rebbe, and one might think that reaching thirty years, we can now stand on our own feet. After all, Chazal say “Ben shloshim I’koach,” at thirty years, a person reaches their full strength. But the truth is, we are connected to the Rebbe today exactly the same way we were on the day after and in the moment after the histalkus. As the Rebbe himself said about his father [the Rebbe Rashab], thereby clarifying about himself as well: “The shepherds of the Jewish people will not forsake their flock!” We need to hold steadfast on the Rebbe’s “kliamke” (lit. doorknob) and on to his open door. We must go to his Tziyun and write pidyonos, asking for his brachos and that he should invoke mercy on our behalf, even asking that he should grant us the proper receptacles with which to receive these brachos…”

Download a full Kovetz of Sichos related to Shloshim Shana in general and specifically in connection with the day of the Hilulo at

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