Resilience, Fortitude, and Perseverance: The Jewish Spirit on Display

A new WhatsApp video series from JEM explores the crucial topic of the unwavering Jewish spirit in English, Hebrew, Russian, French, and Spanish.

Across the globe, the Jewish people are facing a test of faith—and have been rising to the challenge. Despite adverse circumstances, it is undeniable: the enduring spirit of the Jewish nation continues to thrive, persevere, and grow.

What is the secret to this resilience? What is the power behind such fortitude?

These questions are as old as the exile itself. From the decrees of Haman to the challenges of recent generations, in the face of immense challenges, the Jewish people have tapped into their inner reserves of strength.

The Jewish spirit, as explained by the Rebbe, is on display in a new video series from JEM. “The Jewish Flame: Eternal & Unshakeable,” beginning Sunday, 9th of Adar, will explore this crucial topic through the Rebbe’s public talks, private conversations, and written correspondence.

To discover the secret of The Jewish Flame, join JEM’s WhatsApp broadcast today. Click here to join. Click here to receive the Daily video via whatsapp in Hebrew, Russian, French, and Spanish.

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