Replica of City’s Giant Menorah Radiates In Jewish Homes

To celebrate 40 years of spreading Judaism, each Jewish family in Paraná, Brazil was gifted with a beautiful menorah identical to the giant one that graces the town square to help strengthen and encourage this luminous mitzva.

To celebrate 40 years of spreading the light of Judaism in Paraná, Rabbi Fitche Dubrawsky conceived the idea of designing a Menorah identical to the giant one that graces “29 de Março” Square in the neighborhood of Merces in Curitiba. Each Jewish family in his city was presented with the beautiful gift to strengthen and encourage this luminous mitzva.

With the help of devoted friends, sponsors and volunteers, the menorah was designed and produced, painted, wrapped and presented as a gift to hundreds of Jewish families that filled the square on the first night of Chanuka.

The Menora secures perfectly the Chanuka candles which are distributed to each family of the Jewish Community in Paraná and S. Catarina with the help of a team of selfless volunteers of all ages. With this unique gift, the thrill of the public menorah lighting can be continued on a daily basis within the home of every family.

The public Menorah lighting in Curitiba attracts hundreds of community members who enjoy diverse activities and delicious latkes and doughnuts with cold drinks each year. With this year being a Hakhel year, special effort was invested to invite representatives of all Jewish entities in the general kehila to be part of the program in a very special way.

Each member was invited to present one of the Rebbe’s hand-picked 12 Torah passages and to call upon a community child to recite it. The city hall provides a beautiful platform, banners, tents, and sound yearly besides erecting the Menorah in the square’s pond and taking it down and storing it from year to year. The superintendent of the Federal Police and the vice Mayor were also present in this year’s program. 

Besides the giant menorah in the public square, two other Chanuka projects have since 2020 instilled and strengthened Jewish identity, joy and pride and brought the message of Chanukah to the larger community as well. 

Rabbi Mendi Labkowski supervises the display of huge Menorahs in 7 different shopping malls in the city bearing the message of the triumph of liberty over oppression and light over darkness. 

Rabbi Mendy Stolik directs the Chanuka Car Menorah parade which makes its rounds through various neighborhoods in the city, playing Chanukah music and culminating with the square of the giant public menorah.

Children from ages 2-8 had a Chanukah week filled with wholesome diverse Chanukah fun activities organized by Eidi Labkowski and Tzivi Stolik. School is out and summer vacation is in and so it was perfect timing for parents to give their children and themselves a most wonderful Chanukah present with enriching experiences that will endure. 

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