Replica of 770’s Aron Kodesh Put Up for Sale

A striking replica of 770’s iconic Aron Kodesh was commissioned by Eliyahu Ezagui in India, and is available for purchase for any shul or Chabad House. 

“Mach doh 770…”

A striking replica of 770’s iconic Aron Kodesh, custom made for use for a shul or Chabad House, is available for sale in Crown Heights.

The Aron Kodesh was commissioned by Eliyahu Ezagui, known as the ‘International Shochet’ for his many trips to shecht for shluchim around the globe.

On one of his recent trips to India, he traveled to a nearby factory and sat with the owners to commission an exact copy of the iconic 770 Aron Kodesh.

A few months later, after the Aron Kodesh was completed, it was shipped to New York, where it is today, waiting for a home.

The Aron Kodesh is now available for purchase for any Shul or Chabad House, or to be donated to 770.

For more information, WhatsApp +18563365798.

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