Rep. Lee Zeldin Urges Trump to Visit the Rebbe’s Ohel

Former NY Rep. Lee Zeldin, who is traveling the country as a Trump campaign surrogate, advised the former president, who is embroiled in legal battles, to visit the Rebbe’s Ohel in Queens.

Former New York Representative Lee Zeldin is now taking an active role in the Trump 2024 campaign, acting as a campaign surrogate for presidential candidate Donald Trump. Trump, who is currently caught up in legal matters in New York and needs to take a break from campaigning due to it, was encouraged by Mr. Lee Zeldin to take a trip to the Ohel to daven for his success.

Zeldin, who himself is Jewish and has been to the Ohel three times over the year of 2022 during his run for New York State Governor, knows firsthand the power of davening at the Ohel. His first visit was before Yud Shvat, after which he lay tefillin and spoke about the powerful impact the Rebbe has until this day.

During the second visit of Mr. Zeldin, he again lay tefillin, and after visiting the Ohel, was presented with a letter of the Frierdiker Rebbe that the Frierdiker Rebbe wrote his great grandfather, whom he is named after. In the letter, the Frierdiker Rebbe thanked him for his support of the yeshiva system.

The third visit was a personal visit that Zeldin himself initiated, after being very inspired by the letter he saw the previous time he went. The visit was a few days before the elections for NYS Governor that he was running for, and eventially lost to Governor Kathy Hochul.

After his three visits, Zeldin suggested to Mr. Trump to visit the Ohel to daven for success with his legal battles and upcoming election. It is yet to be seen if Candidate Trump will take him up on the offer.

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