Fund Launched to Support Grieving Family

Less than six months after finding out that their son had a deadly illness, the B family was left grieving after son passed away. Now, they need help to rebuild the formerly joyous family.

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Imagine finding out your son was dying of cancer and your whole world getting ripped apart over the course of 6 months.

When their 11 year old son became sick with DIPG, the most deadly form of juvenile cancer, their world fell apart.

The pain and anguish knowing your son is going to die took a major toll and the family fell apart.

Flash forward 6 months later, Tisha’ B’av having to bury your son. The pain is unimaginable.

Now they are left to pick up the pieces of a life that was once filled with joy and simcha.

With five children and another on the way, life for the B family hasn’t been easy, We are asking you, please help them rebuild their lives!

From therapist bills to medical bills, this family needs all the help they can get.

Rabbi Yom Tov Glaser, a renowned rabbi from Yerushalayim, has penned a letter to the public, asking them to help.

Please contribute generously!

Tizku limitzvos.

Please click here to donate.

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