Renowned Presenters To Address Upcoming Yesodos Seminar

A stellar line up of speakers has been assembled to address the sixth annual convention training shluchim-to-be and new shluchim who recently were sent out.

Some forty aspiring shluchim are counting the days to this coming Monday, 27 Av, when New Shluchim Desk at Merkos 302 will launch the sixth annual Yesodos Lhatzlochas Hashlichus seminar. The new and soon-to-be Shluchim will hear from the best in the field, with a top-of-the-line program fine-tuned over the past few years.

The immersive symposium, providing foundational insights for life on Shlichus, is geared towards both new and aspiring shluchim. The four-day seminar will cover a plethora of essential topics for setting up a successful chabad house, helping participants propel their shlichus forward.

In addition to the impressive lineup of returning presenters, the seminar will see a whole new group of new lecturers this year. One of the insightful presenters is the noted author and attorney Rabbi Yakov Yellin, Esq., who will address the critical topic of compliance. As well as experienced, Shliach Rabbi Yankie Denburg of Coral Springs, FL, who will help alleviate fundraising apprehensiveness with his ‘Fundraising 101’ workshop.

Also, new for this year, Rabbi Yosef Shusterman, Shliach in North Beverly Hills and  Rav of the Chabad community in Los Angeles, who deals every day with sha’alos from shluchim in the field, will cover common halachic issues that shluchim grapple with. The topics will include shul, minyan, Shabbos, kashrus, and yuchsin.

Returning presenters include Rabbi Zalman Marcus, Rabbi Raleigh Resnick, Rabbi Aryeh Weinstein, and Rabbi Yoseph Shagalov, among other experts in various fields essential to shlichus.

Participants in past seminars consider it an absolute prerequisite to starting on the right foot. In the words of one new Shliach:

“The knowledge the seminar gave me made me feel very well prepared and empowered for my shlichus. I also now have easy access to resources and people who can support me while on shlichus.”

“It was incredible,” another participant exclaimed. “I don’t normally take notes, so when I saw the notepad by my seat, I didn’t think I’d use it. When the first session began, I decided only to take notes of any good idea I heard. By the end of the seminar, I had a full notepad and needed more paper! It was jam-packed with value. I’m so grateful that I attended, and I will take these ideas with me for life.”

And it’s not only the new shluchim participating as students; the veteran shluchim offering the lectures and presentations say the same thing.

“I only wish we would’ve had such a seminar when we first started our shlichus,” said Rabbi Zalman Marcus, veteran shliach to Mission Viejo, CA, whose presentation about structuring your Mossad for success is a highlight. “It’s practical; it’s useful; it’s essential – it’s a gift!”

“The benefits of integrating a proper foundation when going on Shlichus is invaluable,” says Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice Chairman of Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch. “Our goal with this seminar is to prepare the new shluchim with insights shared by shluchim with years of experience applying the Rebbe’s hora’os and guidance to all aspects of their shlichus.”

Limited space is still available. To register please visit

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