Renowned Posek Impressed After Testing ‘Kvutzah’ Bochurim

After months of intense study covering the entire Hilchos Shabbos, a group of kvutzah bochurim were tested by Harav Gavriel Zinner, who signed certificates attesting to their knowledge of the halachos.

By reporter

A large group of Israeli bochurim who are spending the year studying in 770 as part of the kvutzah program were tested this week by renowned rov and posek Harav Gavriel Zinner.

The bochurim had spent the last few months studying the halachos of Shabbos, as part of a new program launched this year by the Igud Talmidei Hakevutzah organization. The Igud, which cares for the kvutzah bochurim’s spiritual and physical needs, began the program this year to encourage the bochurim to study the halachos of Shabbos which are relevant in every Jewish house.

Tens of bochurim joined the course, investing many hours of the past few months to study the halachos. A daily shiur was given by Rabbi Tuviah Ginsburg accompanied by handouts and PowerPoint presentations.

This week, the bochurim concluded the course and traveled to Boro Park to be tested by Rabbi Zinner, author of the famed ‘Nitei Gavriel’ set. Accompanying the bochurim was Rabbi Sholom Dovid Geisinsky, a meshiv in 770 yeshiva, who invested much effort in the course and the bochurim’s studies.

For well over an hour, Rabbi Zinner tested the bochurim, who exhibited extensive knowledge of the halachos. Rabbi Zinner could not hide his admiration that yeshiva students at such a young age, and especially at the end of summer zman, had invested time studying Hilchos Shabbat in-depth.

At the end of the test, Rabbi Ziner encouraged the students to continue to invest in the study of Halacha, and emphasized the great importance of knowing the laws of Shabbos.

The administration of Igud Talmidei Hakvutzah expressed their gratitude to Rabbi Zinner and Rabbi Geisinsky for the time and effort they devoted to testing the bochurim.

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