Renovations of the Zal in Lubavitch in High Gear

As many across Russia plan to visit Lubavitch for the Tzemach Tzedek‘s yahrtzeit, shliach Rabbi Gavriel Gordon ramps up the renovation preparation of the Rebbeim’s chotzer and the recreated Tomchei Temimim zal.

As we approach the Yom Hilula of the Tzemach Tzedek on the 13th of Nissan, and with Pesach drawing near, many Jews from Russia and beyond will make their way to the town of Lubavitch to daven at the Ohel of the Rebbeim.

The restoration and renovation efforts within the courtyards of our Rebbes, under the direction of shliach Rabbi Gavriel Gordon, are advancing significantly.

The reconstruction of the “Der Groiser Zal,” the large study hall of the Tomchei Tmimim Yeshiva, is nearing completion, including the installation of elegant flooring. As recorded by the previous Rebbe, the Rebbe Rashab had asked for stone flooring to be installed in the Zal to ensure its cleanliness was consistently maintained.

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