Remembering London’s Beloved Youth Shliach on his 5th Yahrzeit

Shliach Rabbi Avremi Groner was a true role model for London’s youth. The long-lasting impression he left in this world defies the short number of years he spent here. To mark his 5th yahrzeit funds are being raised to continue his holy work.

Rabbi Avrohom Yeshayahu Groner (Avremi) served as the Rabbi of Sutton, a community in South London UK. He was also involved with youth. One of his “peulos” was a Noah’s Ark presentation where he would go from shul to shul with a repertoire of animals, together with his assistants – young members of the kehilla. 

After leaving Sutton he became involved with youth in a more serious way. He co-founded Teen Enterprise UK together with a young man who would himself become one of its main beneficiaries. Otherwise known as “Jewklub” the growing membership would often be seen meeting, farbrenging, barbequing etc in the most joyous way. To complete the circle of year-long activities there would be a yearly summer camp.

Avremi was a true role model for the boys. He made them feel important, respected, and valued. Each boy would have a talent that needed to be nurtured. They would be encouraged to demonstrate this talent publicly, be it photography, guitar-playing or film-making. Everyone, without exception, would be a recipient of Avremi’s warm encouragement. 

The long-lasting impression he left in this world defies the short number of years he spent here. Everyone he touched, be it the members of the Sutton community, his friends and family, or the many youths he spent time with, will always feel 

the warmth of his Ahavas Yisroel, and the feeling of importance that he gave them.     

Avremi had a unique way of being able to interact with every single person on his level. He would understand what was important to him, and what was unique about him, and be able to nurture, care and love that part of him so that the person could thrive whatever it that unique thing was.

He had a way of always approaching things with a positive outlook regardless of the circumstances that he was in or that person was in. Where youth was concerned, if there may have been a negative feeling about a person’s level of Yiddishkeit or his interaction with their community, he was able to spin that on his head and turn the negative into positive. 

Empowering and encouraging youth is really what makes all the difference to them being able to flourish on their own. Just as Avremi encouraged each one of us to not just stand on the sidelines and be spectators but to get involved and participate, let’s all try to be active and to continue his incredible work. 

Avremi took his own inspiration from the Rebbe. Even at the last moments, he would grab his visitors by their hand as tightly as he possibly could encouraging them with their next venture, assuring them that the Rebbe, whose picture was next to him, was at their, and his, side.  

Coinciding with Avremi’s 5th Yahrzeit, Chof-Vav Av, Teen Enterprise UK is organizing a Charidy Campaign to raise funds needed to continue the activities of Teen Enterprise UK. The past five years have been used to carry on his work of encouraging and inspiring our youth. Please help us to continue doing so.

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