Released Time Volunteers Conclude School Year

As the school year of 2022-2023 comes to a close, Released Time looks back at its year of growth and accomplishments. The program expanded into 9 additional public schools and nearly 50 students have enrolled in Yeshivah over the year.

“All Jewish students for early release, please make your way to the front lobby,” was heard for the last time this past Wednesday in more than 60 public schools across New York.

The final Jewish Hour of the school year was marked with meaningful davenings, joyous pizza parties, and a rare and special moment where all the students watched videos of the Rebbe and wrote Panim to the Rebbe before Gimmel Tammuz.

NCFJE extends its gratitude to Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs for their support and invites others to join in the noble cause of providing Yiddishkeit to public school students, bringing true nachas to the Rebbe and Friediker Rebbe. Released Time plans to continue running programs throughout the summer via zoom and will resume in-person sessions in September when the new school year begins.  

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