Released Time Distributes 700 Boxes of Shmurah Matzah

Released Time instructors distributed hundreds of boxes of Shmurah Matzah to their public school students and families across New York. Dedicated instructors are also visiting the homes of Released Time alumni.

This past Wednesday Released Time instructors took in hand with them hundreds of boxes of Shmurah Matzah to distribute to their public school students and families across New York.

Amidst the singing and learning about the upcoming Yom Tov of Pesach, the 150 Released Time instructors made time in their one-hour class to teach their students about the importance of eating specifically handmade Shmurah Matzah by their Seder.

Each Released Time principal brought with them boxes of Matzahs and gifted each child and family with their own box of 6 Matzahs for their family Seders.

“It’s amazing to see how the children are so excited about eating the Shmurah Matzah,” said Meir Reitzinberg, a dedicated Released Time instructor. 

Released Time is also making a point to not forget about their alumni and many dedicated instructors are visiting the homes of Released Time alumni assuring that they as well have Shmurah Matzahs for Pesach.

The children and parents were extremely grateful for the generous gift and each of them committed to eating specifically the Shmurah Matzah at their family Seders.

Over the next few days Released Time instructors still plan to distribute more than 100 boxes of Matzah to the homes of their alumni.

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