Registration Opens for a Transformative Journey to R’ Levik’s Tzion

This Chof Av, join fellow Chassidim and Mashpiim as you visit the Tzion of the Rebbe’s father, partake in enlightening Shiurim, and immerse yourself in uplifting Farbrengens. 

Registration opens for the highly anticipated annual event in Alma Ata, Kazakhstan, where Yidden and Chassidim from all walks of life gather together to mark the Yahrtzeit of our Rebbe’s father.

The Chof Av program will begin on Sunday, 19 Av/August 6, and will commence on Tuesday, 21 Av/August 8. Traveling to Almaty is made convenient through Turkish Airlines and Flydubai, both of which offer daily flights to the city. Additionally, the Chof Av Committee is exploring the possibility of arranging a chartered plane departing from Israel to Almaty. Should this option become available, the committee will provide the updated information.

The Chof Av Committee is dedicated to ensuring a seamless experience throughout your stay. They will take care of transportation to and from the airport, hotel, and Tzion, while also providing complimentary accommodations (minimal registration fee applies) and delicious meals. The ultimate goal is to create an environment where every guest can wholeheartedly focus on their spiritual journey, forging connections with the Rebbe and fellow Chassidim without any physical distractions.

To reserve your spot or find out more about this unique opportunity visit us at:

*Groups wishing to join the trip are welcome, and the committee will accommodate your needs, ensuring you have ample space for group learning, davening, and farbrengens.

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