Record Participation in Moshiach Chidon Finals

After six weeks of immersing themselves in a brand-new learning curriculum, the students were put to the test in a final examination on all their learnings, successfully concluding this phase of the Chidon.

Last week, thousands of Bochurim worldwide took the Grand Final for the Moshiach Chidon. After six weeks of immersing themselves in a brand new Moshiach curriculum, a record-breaking amount of Mesivta Bochurim were put to the test with a final on the entire curriculum, successfully concluding this phase of the Chidon.

The excitement is far from over as we now look forward to the Grand Moshiach Chidon Banquet scheduled for Tuesday night, on Gimmel Tammuz.

The Banquet not only concludes the current Moshiach Chidon but also marks the beginning of a new revolution.

As the Rebbe told us multiple times, learning and knowing Inyonei Geulah U’Moshiach, help us begin influencing our surroundings and communities as well to “Live a Moshiach lifestyle” viewing the world through the “Geulah lenses”, as the Rebbe does.

To ensure that everyone can share in this momentous occasion, the event will be live-streamed here on our website. Watch and get inspired to take your learning of Moshiach in the Rebbe’s Torah to a whole new level!

Participants of Moshiach Chidon includes Bochurim from across a diverse range of Lubavitch Mesivtas. Regardless of their location, these bochurim were united by a common goal: to deepen their understanding of Inyonei Geulah u’Moshiach.

With this year’s successful Chidon setting a high bar for future competitions, we are confident in the bochurim’s commitment and drive, and eagerly look forward to help them accomplish the ultimate goal of this Chidon: Learn Moshiach, Live Moshiach and BRING MOSHIACH!

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