Powerful Presentation: Rebuild, Rebirth, Revenge

Shifra and Puah Crown Heights takes on the currents crisis in Eretz Yisroel with their own unique approach. Watch the powerful presentation they showed at their annual dinner:

In the post holocaust world, one of the most eerie aspects of the battered Jewish communities was the lack of children. The majority of the youngsters whose joyous energy had once been central to Jewish homes and institutions had been brutally murdered, many leaving behind family members who deeply mourned their loss. 

​Many survivors decided that, in order to move forward and rebuild the Jewish people, who had just lost over 6 million members, they needed to establish homes again and bring new life into the world.

​Today, in a time where Am Yisroel has recently experienced the largest, most horrific assault since the holocaust, our strategy must be the same. The sweetest victory to those who will our destruction is the continuity of our nation through the birth of more Jewish babies. For it is these babies who will grow up to serve as the future of the Jewish people. 

​It’s an ideal that makes sense, a beautiful concept with a tremendous impact, yet we must also make a point to care for the mothers of those babies, those who experience the physical process of carrying and birthing the new life. Those who are exhausted postpartum. Those from whom so few have adequate help at home.

Where are you:

The exciting video that was shown at Shifra and Pua’s Diner in Crown Heights:

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This is where Shifra and Puah comes in. 

​Shifra and Puah, as their namesake suggests, cares for women throughout their pregnancies, during their births, and in the immediate postpartum period. With meals, cleaning help, childcare and an emotional support hotline amongst the services that they offer, Shifra and Puah embrace the mothers of our community as they carry out a task so vital to Jewish survival and to our future. 

​All of the help comes free of charge and is available to every New mother in the Crown Heights community. In the past year alone, over 800 mothers received various services from Shifra and Puah.

​So how do they do it? How does Shifra and Puah provide hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of services at absolutely no cost to the mothers?

​Through the support of generous supporters, such as yourself who believe that the work that Shifra and Puah does is important and want to play a role in the tremendous Chessed that is being carried out each and every day.  

Donate now at : https://charidy.com/shifraupuah?utm_source=anash

​Today is the last day of Shifra and Puah’s annual fundraising campaign. We encourage you to take part in this tremendous mitzvah of providing your friend, your neighbor or your sister with vital support in a vulnerable period of her life. 

​Not only do the participants of the campaign have the opportunity to win incredible prizes such as: a silver Becher embedded with a coin from the Rebbe, a beautiful set of Shabbos Bentchers, a brand new Sheitel, a Pushkah embedded with a coin from the Rebbe and much more – the zchus that accompanies supporting such an organization has been known to bring tremendous Brachos to those who participate. 

​Visit : https://charidy.com/shifraupuah?utm_source=anash for the last chance to provide relief to new mothers in your community!

The numbers from this past year were shared regarding the activities of Shifra and Puah. In addition to the 9,000 breakfasts that were distributed to postpartum women, the Shifra and Puah organization organized 6,000 hours of childcare and 5,000 hours of cleaning help. 

On top of the household help provided, Shifra and Puah distributed 2,000 Shabbat meals and provided 500 nights in a home for postpartum mothers in the last year!

The baseline package offered to every mother is valued at approximately $770. Yet, for those mothers facing exceptional circumstances and requiring further assistance, the expenditure can escalate to as much as $1,200.

A Chance to Win the DOLLAR FROM THE RABBE! 

Donate now at : https://charidy.com/shifraupuah?utm_source=anash

Simply donate $180 (or 10 installments of $18) – to enter this exclusive raffle. Additionally, By donating $77 a month for ten months, you’ll receive an exquisite bencher set nestled within a stunning table centerpiece valued at $100!

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