Replica of Rebbe’s Menorah Sells Out Within Hours

The simple metal menorah used by the Rebbe for decades was replicated in time for Chanukah. The first shipment sold out within hours, prompting plans for a second run.

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For decades, the Rebbe used a simple metal menorah for Chanuka, even though he was gifted one of pure gold. Now, chassidim can buy a replica of that modest menorah to use for themselves.

The menorah was replicated by a group of bochurim from 770, and arrived in New York just in time for Chanukah this week. Within a few hours of the shipment arriving at 770, the first stock was sold out, prompting the creators to plan a second run after Chanukah.

For years, the only photograph of the Rebbe’s menorah was a grainy photo of the Rebbe’s room, taken by a reporter when the Rebbe was at the Ohel in the 5750s. In the corner of the room, one can see the Rebbe’s menorah sitting on a tray and placed on a chair.

Last year, the Central Chabad Library put the Rebbe’s menorah on display, and the group of bochurim took the opportunity to closely examine and photograph it.

“Despite the fact that the Rebbe received a gold menorah from one of the chasidim, the Rebbe always kindled the Chanukah lights using the present Menorah,” said Rabbi Berel Levine, director of the library, at the time.

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