Rebbe’s Sicha on Siyum Harambam Presented for Mekurovim

A special, fully prepared class on the Siyum Harambam is being offered free of charge by Jewish Insights of the Shluchim Office, allowing every shliach to bring the Rebbe’s sicha on the siyum to mekurovim.

Jewish Insights of the Shluchim Office releases a special, fully prepared class on the Siyum Harambam for Shluchim, free of charge.

Jewish Insights provides weekly, prepared lessons in the Rebbe’s Torah for Shluchim. Since its inception last year, it has been received with wide acclaim and adopted by over 700 Shluchim.

The class special for the Siyum Harambam is based on the Rebbe’s Sicha, explaining the unique nature of Mishneh Torah and how every Jew who “respects himself” should have a daily study session in Rambam.

Shluchim with years of experience delivering Torah classes note the specialty in this lesson: you can teach the Sicha itself, without ‘extras,’ presented in a modern and contemporary style, suitable for your mekurovim. The lesson is suitable for one-on-one study, group sessions and lectures.

The package includes a teacher’s manual, student booklet, PowerPoint presentation, editable flier for Canva and promo video, all free of charge.

The class is available now in three languages:

Shluchim can receive weekly classes via the Jewish Insights WhatsApp broadcast at

Jewish Insights is a project of the Shluchim Office.

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