Rebbe’s Sicha From 50 Years Ago Finally Being Fulfilled

50 years after the Rebbe spoke about the need for a hotel in Crown Heights, a second building has been purchased to accommodate the thousands of annual guests.

50 years ago, at a farbrengen, the Rebbe spoke of how important it is that Crown Heights should have a hotel to accommodate the many guests coming in during all times of the year. It took some time, but ultimately the Eshel Hotel on Kingston Avenue became a reality and today, ten years after it was built, it is almost always booked to the last room.

In honor of the forthcoming Hakhel year, Eshel’s director Rabbi Mendy Hendel has announced the purchase of another building with ready-to-occupy family-friendly suites.

In the sicha from Shabbos Nitzavim-Vayeilech 5733, the Rebbe said “We see here a shocking thing – that all the guests that come here have to go through exertions and bother as far as arrangements in matters of eating, drinking and lodging etc. 

“And it is surprising that several years have already passed… that guests have been flocking and coming and, despite this, it didn’t dawn on anyone that the situation can be fixed by building a hotel where the guests can have all their needs taken care of, unlike today where, when a guest comes and wants to stay at a hotel, he has no other choice but to find a one at the far ends of New York!

“The advantages of a hotel are obvious -instead of the current situation, where if a guest wants something as small as a cup of water, he feels like he is bothering his host and their family and even if the guest is welcomed with a kind face and a whole heart, the guest experiences a feeling of unpleasantness and discomfort.

“And all of this is besides the inconvenience of the guest who must limit himself by taking into account the host in regards to when he goes to sleep and wakes up, his schedule for davening and learning etc. which makes him adjust his plans to the host’s schedule. It is understandable how difficult it is because of the nature of people.

“… And as was mentioned, it is a wonder that until now not one person was found that thought to do this! 

“The same applies to the general matter of ‘Hachnasas Orchim’ – in that Hashem helped in His mercy, etc. and it was organized specifically by a Jew who came here from Eretz Yisrael!”

Click here to take part in the purchase of the new building!

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