Rebbe’s Response to Vaccination Concerns

By Staff

Following a recent measles outbreak in Crown Heights, a reader shared with us an answer from the Rebbe (possibly from before or around 5720/1960). The answer was published in the teshurah of the Garelik-Mochkin wedding in 5755/1995:

בהנוגע ל”הוואקסיניישאן” – בעזהשי”ת אין מקום לחשוש ואין צריך לפרוש מן הציבור ולעשותה בעת שיעשוה הרוב שבכתה המתאמת. ויהי’ להצלחה

Concerning vaccinations: With Hashem’s help there is no reason to be afraid and no need to be different than the public, and she should do it when the majority of people do it in the suitable class. May it be with hatzlochoh.

Another answer we came across while writing this article – addressed to Reb Meir Avtzon – says basically the same thing: “He should do as is done in his city.” and is dated Tishrei 5724/1964.

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