Rebbe’s Powerful Suggestion Receiving Newfound Attention

In a seminal talk on 18 Elul 5745 (1985) the Rebbe suggested something so powerful and practical, it’s surprising people aren’t talking about it much more.

What if you found out about a quick and easy thing that you already do has secret power? What if you discovered that by simply pairing two things together, you could unlock tremendous force on High?

Who wouldn’t jump on such an opportunity?

Well, as it turns out, the opportunity is sitting right there, ready for anyone to take advantage of it.

In a seminal talk on 18 Elul 5745 (1985) the Rebbe suggested something so powerful and practical, it’s shocking people aren’t talking about it much more. In this sichah that was edited by the Rebbe himself and printed in Likutei Sichos, the Rebbe suggested something as innovative as it is simple: to pair together the twin powers of tzedakah and saying Tehillim.

Noting that Jews have always said Tehillim during times of distress, the Rebbe pointed out that it only makes sense to maximize the impact and double it up with giving tzedakah as well. Daniel expressed so long ago that, “Our sins are redeemed with tzedakah.” Just imagine the double power on High when a Jew gives money to tzedaka along with his or her heartfelt words of Tehillim!

Just recently, a number of prominent mashpi’im and teachers are starting to spread the message. In a series of viral videos circulating over Whatsapp and other messaging apps, the likes of Rabbi YY Jacobson, Rabbi Shais Taub, Rabbi Shneur Ashkenazi, and Mrs. Rivkah Slonim are getting the word out, “People, we have an incredibly powerful weapon just waiting for us to grab and throw in the face of our challenges!”

Many highlight the fact that towards the conclusion of this sichah, the Rebbe used extraordinary language that possibly has no counterpart. In the Rebbe’s words: “May it be Hashem’s will that this heartfelt proposal coming from the core of the soul will be accepted gladly and will circulate everywhere.” These words, “le’vavis ve’nafshis,” demonstrate a deep, emotional, and loving request from the Rebbe to us—for our own good.

As our loving father, the Rebbe gifted us with something that’s remarkably simple and powerful at the same time. At this point, all we have to do is to simply act on it. So go ahead and put aside some money and crack out your Tehillims—and do them at the same time. With Hashem’s help, the brachos will surely flow from there.

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  1. Its good to point out over here -that tzedaka doesent (necessarily) mean a big amount but every coin-nickel or dime-that was put in the tzedaka box is another Mitzvah of tzedaka,

    (as far as im aware( and correct me if im wrong)a nickel is the value of a “pruta”-a halachik coin- according to most halachik opion and a dime is definitely( more of )the value of apruta-a halachik coin- according to all halachik opinions) ,

    There is some places the Rebbe advices people that instead of giving a big amount to tzedaka at once give a smaller amount to tzedaka many times because then you get more Mitzvah and merits of tzedaka(=give a dime 10 times instead of giving a dollar once or give a dollar 10 times instead of giving a 10 dollar bill once because then you get 10 Mitzvahs of tzedaka instead of 1 mitzva of tzedaka =)

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