Rebbe’s ‘Nigun Eulogy’ Was Captured by College Student

A never-before-seen video taken by a visiting college student captures the Rebbe asking that the niggun of Reb Bentche Shemtov be sung at the farbrengen after he passed away in a tragic car accident.

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On 5 Tammuz 5735, Reb Bentzion Shemtov, a famed Chossid and Tomim from Lubavitch, passed away after being injured in a tragic car-crash.

Although he was seventy-five years old, Reb Bentzion was full of energy and vigor, traveling the world to promote the publication of the Rebbe’s sichos and bring people closer to the Rebbe. His untimely passing sent shockwaves throughout Anash communities worldwide.

One week later, at the conclusion of the Yud Gimmel Tammuz farbrengen, the Rebbe asked that they sing “Mi Armia Admura,” a Russian military song that Reb Bentzion had “repurposed” as a song about the connection of Chassidim to the Rebbe. The Rebbe added that “especially since it is connected to a person who had the merit of being exiled for spreading Torah…”

That farbrengen of the Rebbe was not formally video recorded, and the memory was only preserved in audio form. However, a video of that farbrengen has now come to light. A college student doing research for some unknown project had recorded fifteen minutes, including those moments.

Our thanks to JEM for sharing this special clip.

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