Rebbe’s Library Repairs Damage Caused by Tree Roots

In the ongoing effort to protect the treasures housed inside the Rebbe’s library, workers began preparing the sidewalk in front of the library which has been severely damaged by tree roots and weather.

By reporter

The pavement in front of the two houses adjacent to 770 Eastern Parkway housing the Rebbe’s Library, is receiving long-needed repairs.

The sidewalk which is passed through hundreds of thousands of people throughout the year, was in desperate need of repairs, due to damage to the concrete caused by tree roots and regular wear and tear.

Using an asphalt drill and a tractor, workers began removing the concrete slabs that make up the sidewalk in front of 766 and 760 Eastern Parkway.

The latest batch of repairs comes in the continuation of the long-needed restoration of the courtyard of 770, host to countless chuppas throughout the year, a large sukkah every Tishrei, and the iconic ‘tashlich’ fountain.

The work is being supervised by Rabbi Chaim Boruch Halberstam of Vaad Bedek Habayis of 770, with the help of Rabbi Yossi Rabkin.

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