Rebbe’s Fork, Table Napkin for Sale

A fork and a serviette that allegedly belonged to the Rebbe and Rebbetzin is being sold in an Israeli auction house. A document signed by Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky attests to their authenticity. 

By reporter

Two items that allegedly belonged to the Rebbe and Rebbetzin are being sold by an Israeli auction house.

The first item is a fork, described by the sellers as “from the home of the Rebbe of Chabad and the Rebbetzin, and had been used by them.” The fork has the letters MS engraved, which might point to the fact that they were owned by the Rebbetzin, who engraved her initials on them.

There is no explanation of how an item from the Rebbe’s house ended up being sold. A accompanying document contains a handwritten line from the Rebbe’s secretary Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky attesting to the fact that the forks came from the Rebbe’s house, yet it too does not offer any explanations.

In a separate listing, a serviette that is said to have belonged to the Rebbe and Rebbetzin is being auctioned as well. Here too, the sellers do not offer any explanation, but the accompanying letter, signed by Rabbi Krinsky, states that the embroidered cloth “had been gifted to Mrs. Galperin,” who was a close friend of the Rebbetzin.

Both items are being sold by the Brand Auction House, based in Israel.

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